Frequently Asked Questions

So how does this work?


Step 1: Visit our store at Monaco Jewelers! You will be greeted by our friendly staff. We are a full-service Jewelry store, with full security, safety and ease of access. Because we’re a full-service jewelry store, we also offer jewelry repairs, watch service, upgrade or trade-in.

Step 2: We will then inspect and test your gold for authenticity and for karat percentages (Gold Grade) and we will weigh the gold on our scale, in front of you. Incidentally, our scale has been inspected and approved by the California Department of Weights and Measures. (With a copy of the current Scale License attached on the wall for everyone to see and inspect)

Step 3: Depending on the gold grade, we then calculate the value of your gold, based on today’s gold market value, and make you an offer – in cash, for the gold content. The more gold you have the higher value we offer!

Step 4: We then hand you cash or, if you prefer a check we have that option available to you as well.

Once you accept our cash offer, for your gold and jewelry, we then process the transaction on the computer and print out the legal forms that is required by our locality.

All we need is a valid I.D. in form of Driver’s License, Passport or any other recognized I.D. We are licensed and bonded Pawn Broker. You must be 18 years or older.

This process will eliminate the possibility of any item of being stolen merchandise.

The whole process is quick and fast.

Do you buy coins?


Yes! We buy and sell Gold and Silver Coins. We are very competitive with our prices that we pay.

Better rates for higher quantities.

We Buy – Sell and Trade Coins and Bars – Gold – Platinum or Silver.

Do you buy gemstones?


We buy Diamonds, loose or set…

We buy gold/platinum watches and some watches that are name brands in stainless steel, such as Cartier, Rolex and Breitling.

As for diamonds, we follow the wholesale price chart by Rappaport. (This is just like the blue book of car value, but this is for the diamond industry).


What else do you buy?


We buy Jewelry in any condition or quantity. Rings, Chains, Bands and Bracelets. Gold Jewelry in 10K-14K-18K and Platinum Estate Jewelry, Diamonds and Watches, Gold/Silver Coins & Sterling – Silverware.

What if I don’t want to part from my jewelry, but I really need the money?


If you are attached to your jewelry and wish to have it back at a later day, we also offer on option of taking out a loan on your jewelry. .

The loan amount is given for a total of 4 months. The amount to be paid back will be the loan amount, plus interest, which is automatically calculated by the computer to comply with the State of California pawn rules and guidelines.

If by the end of the loan term you did not have the total amount to pay us back, you can then pay us the interest amount owed, and renew your loan for another 4 months, thus giving enough time to raise the money needed to pay-off the entire loan.

If you are in business, and have a tight cash flow problem, and in need of quick cash to meet certain and pressing needs, then come in and see us. We offer a wide range of options of quick cash to serve your urgent needs. No loan application or score to worry about. We just need enough collateral to secure the cash value. Collateral can be in form of Jewelry / Diamonds / Gold bars or coins / Real Estate or any other high value item.

We are a private lender for real estate – home loans based on good collateral. All documentation handled by qualified Escrow company.